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The Tallis Scholars
Peter Phillips, director

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The peerless Tallis Scholars return to the breathtaking Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul with a celebration of Christmas. The holiday mass Puer natus est nobis captures Renaissance master Thomas Tallis at his most splendid and complex, perfectly paired with celebratory works by his contemporary John Sheppard. The program also includes a pair of works by Arvo Pärt, whose crystal clear counterpoint is a perfect fit for The Tallis Scholars. Pärt’s love of polyphony, and his respect for his 16th-century forebears, shines in these graceful works.

Pärt – Seven Antiphons
Pärt – Magnificat
Sheppard – Sacris solemniis
Tallis – Missa Puer natus (Gloria)
Tallis – Missa Puer natus (Sanctus)
Sheppard – Gaude, gaude, gaude
Pärt  I am the true vine
Tallis  Missa Puer natus (Agnus dei)

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